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Funny Engagement Ring Ads

From the brilliant Vagenda website...

Funny Engagement Ring Ads

We thought these ads were really funny and wanted to share....! Thank god we have moved on from these types of ads which generally portray women as unfulfilled unless she has a massive sparkler on her finger!  The lead image here is our absolute favourite, particularly when you see it next to Vagenda's comment on it, which is (brace)... "because you're a woman, and nothing makes you wetter than a rock in a velvet box with a massive mark-up!" Hmmm, food for thought! Click on 'continue reading' for more ads... 

Dramatic Wedding Venues

With a 'watery' theme....?

Birtsmorton Court wedding venue

From our extensive research, dramatic-themed weddings are coming into the fore and are set to be a key trend as we move into 2014. Theatrical, unusual venues with high ceilings, striking windows looking out onto spectacular scenery or historic locations and an extra wow factor such as Birtsmorton Court's fantastic moat all tick this box. If you want to fully embrace this theme then also worth considering your accessories - such as over-sized floral decorations, crystals, coloured lighting or, if you are really going for it, an outdoor firework display -particularly effective with a 'watery' venue! Birtsmorton Court has long been one of our favourite venues on the site and is a 12th century 

Festival weddings

We were inspired by these newly-weds...

Festival weddings

We all know that last week's Glastonbury festival was one of the best in their 43 year history, but imagine spending your honeymoon surrounded by 135,000 people!! We came across these pictures of John and Mathilda Fristrom Eldridge who did just that. The pair, from Newquay, Cornwall, got engaged two years ago in the field above Park Stage but as no legally binding marriages can be carried out at the festival they opted for the next best thing. They married on the Saturday at a registry office in Cornwall and then went straight to Glastonbury to start they honeymoon.  How cool is that...? And they kept their wedding kit

Inspirational Wedding Video

How a wedding inspired Kellee to innovate

Innovators on the Move catches entrepreneurs reflecting on the professional and physical moves they make as their companies grow. This is Loverly founder Kellee Khalil who has developed a visualisation tool to discover and save wedding ideas in one easy place! Worth checking out and great to know that the wedding industry can inspire real innovators! Wedding footage courtesy of Kiss the Bride films


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