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Grand Ceilings and Staircases

Wedding Venues with the WOW factor

Grand Ceilings and Staircases

There are so many things to consider when choosing a venue for your wedding and normally staircases and ceilings aren't on the list…. however the photo opportunities for a dramatic image with the backdrop of a fabulous staircase are endless!… Here are three of our venues which have jaw dropping features we love...

We have mainly concentrated on municipal buildings - it really is quite remarkable how many of them have such wonderful staircases and ceilings. Our leader image is of the staircase of Greenford Hall in Middlesex. The Hall was built after a 12-year campaign by the people of Greenford to obtain a public hall for the town. It was officially opened on 16 April 1966 and is by far the youngest of our chosen venues.

We absolutely love the Staircase at Ealing Town Hall in West London. Built in 1888 in the "Revived Gothic" style with Kentish ragstone walls, the staircase has been described, 'sumptuous imperial stair with iron balustrades.' From this picture you can see that it divides and one side leads to Victoria Hall with it's unusually beautiful ceiling (pictured)

Ealing Town Hall Staircase

The Staircase at Ealing Town Hall ceiling Ealing Town Hall

The amazing ceiling at Ealing Town Hall

Our second civic building is the glorious Stoke Newington Town Hall in North London. Dark mahoganies, elegant marble and one of Europe’s largest working mirror balls makes it impossible for us not to include it in our amazing ceiling blog! We adore the mahogany and walnut panelling - the warm tones of the wood provide an excellent backdrop for a wedding.

stoke newington ceiling

Stoke Newington Town Hall Ceiling

Luxury Wedding Venues

On a smaller scale... and in the country..

Luxury Wedding Venues

Just following up from our last blog, we thought it was worth flagging up that luxury wedding venues can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! Pennyhill Park is nestled in over 100 acres of beautiful woodland and parkland, and its 19th century mansion is surrounded by elegant garden terraces. Not only do they have an abundance of rooms to choose from but you can also hang out in their unrivalled 5 star spa facilities.  We definitely like the sound of that! 

Funny Engagement Ring Ads

From the brilliant Vagenda website...

Funny Engagement Ring Ads

We thought these ads were really funny and wanted to share....! Thank god we have moved on from these types of ads which generally portray women as unfulfilled unless she has a massive sparkler on her finger!  The lead image here is our absolute favourite, particularly when you see it next to Vagenda's comment on it, which is (brace)... "because you're a woman, and nothing makes you wetter than a rock in a velvet box with a massive mark-up!" Hmmm, food for thought! Click on 'continue reading' for more ads... 

Dramatic Wedding Venues

With a 'watery' theme....?

Birtsmorton Court wedding venue

From our extensive research, dramatic-themed weddings are coming into the fore and are set to be a key trend as we move into 2014. Theatrical, unusual venues with high ceilings, striking windows looking out onto spectacular scenery or historic locations and an extra wow factor such as Birtsmorton Court's fantastic moat all tick this box. If you want to fully embrace this theme then also worth considering your accessories - such as over-sized floral decorations, crystals, coloured lighting or, if you are really going for it, an outdoor firework display -particularly effective with a 'watery' venue! Birtsmorton Court has long been one of our favourite venues on the site and is a 12th century 

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