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Dickens Themed Weddings

In a beautiful City of London Venue

Dickens Themed Weddings

If you are planning a winter wedding, nothing shouts 'Winter' or 'Christmas' more than Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. That and being in the heart of the city of London! Round every corner you almost expect to bump into Pip or the Artful Dodger..! We reckon that literary-themed weddings are on the up, and as we know we have already done The Great Gatsby. There are endless possibilities when it comes to decor and dress for a Dickens-themed wedding; indeed Miss Havisham, the fraying, fantastical beauty in 'Great Expectations', provided the inspiration for a collection of ethereal and dramatic extravagance by the British-based designer brand, Marchesa (see main picture). A great modern take! 

And the perfect place to hold a Dickens-themed wedding is the gorgeous Devonshire Terrace, which is in the heart of the City, and is steeped in history.  Built in the early 1800s it was originally used as a warehouse to store goods shipped in from Bengal! Since 2008 the western courtyard has been given a glass roof, offering a beautiful, picturesque all-weather location.  As Dickens said 'Bring in the bottled lighting, a clean tumbler and a corkscrew' (shout-out for anyone who can identify the quote).

For more info on Devonshire Terrace see its listing on the site here

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