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Festival weddings

We were inspired by these newly-weds...

Festival weddings

We all know that last week's Glastonbury festival was one of the best in their 43 year history, but imagine spending your honeymoon surrounded by 135,000 people!! We came across these pictures of John and Mathilda Fristrom Eldridge who did just that. The pair, from Newquay, Cornwall, got engaged two years ago in the field above Park Stage but as no legally binding marriages can be carried out at the festival they opted for the next best thing. They married on the Saturday at a registry office in Cornwall and then went straight to Glastonbury to start they honeymoon.  How cool is that...? And they kept their wedding kit

on for the whole festival too! We love this low-key approach to a wedding, taking inspiration from your surroundings and other events. John and Mathilda you rock!


Glastonbury Weddings

Photo courtesy PA Wire/Press Association Images

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