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When it comes to your big day, it is natural that you will want every last detail to be perfect. One important aspect concerning the aesthetics of your wedding is the arrangement of flowers, both in the church and at the reception. The kind of flowers and arrangements you choose will depend upon your chosen colour scheme, the time of year in which you have decided to get married, your personal favourites and, of course, your budget. The range of floral options can be intimidating, but here’s a quick look at a few tools which could help to make the job an easier one.

If you don’t have a particular florist in mind already then you might like to consult a reliable florist directory to help you make a good decision. As the flowers are such an important aspect of weddings it is crucial to make the right choice at this stage. One good source of information is Interflora’s comprehensive website. It features a nationwide directory of florists dealing in UK flowers which could help you find the right person for your wedding. The website also provides a wealth of information about different plants, flowers and arrangements to set your imagination in motion whilst you’re choosing what you want on your special day.

Another great way to get ideas is to check out an online wedding magazine. Here you will find plenty of images of how other people have done things before you. Even if you don’t see anything that you particularly like, deciding from the start what you don’t like will still help to narrow your options down and allow your florist to get a clearer idea of your tastes.

Another option to consider is the artificial flower market. Silk flowers can be a striking choice for weddings, particularly in winter when there are less colourful varieties naturally available in the United Kingdom. Check websites who consider wedding when designing bouquets. Interflora offer both traditional and bunches of bridal flowers. Check their bouquets - from the traditional to the contemporary - their website has plenty of ideas to get you started, and there is the added help of floral experts, to advise and assemble with you.

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