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Mad Men themed Wedding

The most stylish TV show ever?

Mad Men themed Wedding

One of my most favourite shows in recent times has come to an end, so please let's keep Don Draper alive by dreaming about a Mad Men themed wedding.... If I had my time again, I'm pretty sure I would have gone for this. It's super glamorous, fun, retro without the bunting, and the cocktails are to die for!

Mad men


Mad Men Women

Look at those outfits!

There is no shortage of inspiration for this theme - pinterest is particularly good for fabulous ideas. But one thing it doesn't  include is a venue, and I think we have the ideal one for a Mad Men style wedding. That venue is the London Hilton, Park Lane

Hilton Park Lane

The towering beauty that is Hilton Park Lane


Just look at these images, you practically expect Don to be walking out of them, as like the show, this venues is iconic. Completed in 1963 which is around the time that Mad men starts - the luxury and design are unique. So all you would have to do is instruct your guests to dress like they were on Madison Avenue and your dedicated Hilton Park Lane wedding planner would do the rest. So whether you are planning a lavish celebration in their breathtaking ballroom, or a more intimate party with your closest friends and family, they are committed to providing the perfect wedding for you. 

Hilton Park Lane

Hilton Park Lane Hilton Park lane

A beautifully intimate setting HiltonRomance in the Sky Hilton

Stunning table decoration So for more information on this famous venue, go to their listing on the site: HiltonSo very stylish…..

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