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Oyster Boys and Mussel Men

Adding flavour to your wedding!

Oyster Boys and Mussel Men

A few weeks ago we met Robin Dunlop, aka Oyster Boy who offers an experimental and alternative eating experience at your wedding. Wearing a kilt he serves fine oysters straight from a traditional wicker basket. He was a delightful man to meet and would add a wonderful atmosphere to any wedding party.  The oysters were completely delicious - he can even offer you tabasco and lemon to boot! Oyster Boy is part ofa bigger company called Temple and Shian who "strive to push the boundaries of food design".  They combine creative food solutions with a boutique and entertaining edge so alongside Oyster Boy there is Mussel Men and Gastronomy Guys (lovin' the tags, guys!).

Their delicious oysters come from a family farm located in the mouth of Loch Creran on the Scottish West Coast.  We urge you to look at their website - which is fantastic!

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