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Perfect Venues for a War and Peace Inspired Wedding

The ultimate in opulent Romance

War and Peace Wedding Theme

We are all so loving the new BBC adaptation of Tolstoy's War and Peace. Each episode is breathtakingly beautiful; the costumes esquisite, the locations stunning. Our only fault is that it is always over too soon. So why not prolong this gloriousness and create your own wedding based on the Napoleonic Russian aristocracy?

War and Peace
Helene's lace wedding Dress would look wonderful at Blenheim Palace's Great Hall, pictured below.
Blenheim Palace
Or indeed any of it's fantastically glamorous rooms..
The Long Library
The Long Library
The Saloon
The extraordinarily beautiful Saloon
Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire is a masterpiece of 18th Century architecture set in more than 2000 acres of 'Capabilty' Brown parkland. Imagine arriving like Natasha in a carriage wrapped in furs (fake is fine)....
war and peace wedding therme
Snow not necessary
Or if you crave a more outdoor type of affair and imagine yourself being driven through the 'Russian' countryside, you could opt for a more rustic approach...


One of our newest listings would be ideal....

war and peace wedding therme
Camp Katur in North Yorkshire
It's a woodland paradise
war and peace wedding therme

 war and peace wedding therme

war and peace wedding photo

war and peace wedding

More simple hair would work perfectly in this setting....just like this one we found on Etsy


“Everything I know, I know because of love.”
― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

For more information on both of these venues go to their listings on the site

Camp Katur 

Blenheim Palace



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