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Reginald Spleen's Travelling Snuff Bar

One for the men (although we tried it...!)

Reginald Spleen's Travelling Snuff Bar

We recently met the lovely Reginal Spleen and his Travelling Snuff Bar at A Most Curious Wedding Fair. What could be a more unusual idea for a wedding or stag do than to try a bit of snuff.  And not just any old snuff! Reginald can offer you 18 flavours (and adding more all the time apparently!) of ground flavourerd tobacco (most of it contains nicotine although there are nicotine-free versions too). We weren't sure how to take snuff but

Reginald kindly instructed us (the trick is to sniff it, although only a bit of it). They have the most amazing aromas and some examples of the flavours include Cherry Menthol, Rum and Raisin and Rose.  We both tried the gentle strawberry one, and then Emily (full of cold) went for the Cherry menthol which nearly blew her head off - in a good way, that is!

We reckon this would be a real asset and talking point to any party or wedding, especially if you are doing vintage! Really worth a go! For more information visit his website or via Twitter @ ReginaldSpleen 


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