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Royal Wedding Dress

Speculation about who will design the dress...

Royal Wedding Dress

In addition to rumours and querying about who is going to design Kate Moss’ wedding dress, yet more speculation has surfaced in the press about who is now designing the other Kate’s wedding dress..! Both The Telegraph and The Sunday Times reported this week that the royal bride-to-be had chosen designer Sarah Burton, who took over the helm at hot label Alexander McQueen, when McQueen committed suicide in February last year.

The story generated substantial interest, particularly during Paris fashion week, as Ms Middleton has traditionally played safe and demure with her sartorial choices and to choose a label such as McQueen, so closely associated with drama, tragedy and controversy, would have been a radical change in direction!

However Sarah Burton, who was Alexander McQueen's right-hand woman for many years before his death and was a huge influence and contributor to the label’s lyrically beautiful and faultlessly tailored designs, has categorically denied the claim. Such a shame! The McQueen CEO Jonathan Akeroyd was reported as saying ‘no not at all, I am the CEO. I would know if we were doing it’ which seems pretty emphatic! We’d have loved to have seen a McQueen dress floating down the aisle of Westminster Abbey – would have been a daring choice for Kate and no doubt a complete fashion winner. Watch this space for more reports!

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