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Seating Plan Protocol

Organising a seating plan for your wedding can be a time-consuming task and requires a little tact and imagination!  Before you start make sure you liaise with your reception venue about the kind of layout you want for your tables and that tables are large/small enough to accommodate the number of guests you would like sat round each one!

It’s probably a good idea to remember that although weddings are happy occasions and can act as a reunion between family and friends, they also throw together people who may not want to spend time with each other!

The layout of your tables is a personal choice, as long as your reception venue can accommodate it.  Nearly all weddings retain the concept of a top table, which usually has the bride and groom at the centre and then close family members either side of them.  If your wedding is small then you might opt to forgo a seating plan and allow your guests to sit where they please but, if your wedding is larger, a seating plan ensures that people are sat down quickly, separates guests who may not get on and introduces new people to one another. A half way house is to let people know which table they are on but then leave it to them to choose where exactly they sit on the table.

Finalise your seating arrangements with the venue well in advance, and on the day ask the venue manager to provide an easel on which you can place your seating plan so your guests can see where they are supposed to sit.

  • Monday, 14 February 2011

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