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Slow Motion Wedding Video

The best wedding video ever...?

Most people ride out their wedding days in a whirlwind that blurs every kiss, toast, vow, and dance together into a single event that spins too fast to fully remember. But all too often you forget that your wedding isn't just the most romantic day of your life. It's also the day you'll throw the most amazing party of your life.

That's what makes the wedding video of Quang and Ellie Dinh so charming. Not only does it slow the whirlwind of a wedding down into a series of amazing, idiosyncratic, and surreal moments, it captures the best party of someone's life in a time bubble.

Called the Slow Motion Booth, the video was shot by Super Frog Saves Tokyo. Super Frog doesn't specialise in wedding photography. Instead, they develop viral videos for different Internet companies.  This one has definitely gone viral - and we love it! Let us know what you think!

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