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Sustainable Wedding Venues

Doesn't mean they're not stylish...

Sustainable Wedding Venues

Last week we wrote about one of the biggest new wedding trends, the return to classic! If that's not your thing, and you also want to ditch the bunting and bits, then there is an alternative.  We've noticed that couples are increasingly taking their inspiration from nature and the elements, and don't feel the need to have all the added extras. We've got some great venues on the site that really tap in to this unconventional but ultimately romantic, eco-chic approach. Worth taking a look at Folly Farm, Forever Green or if you're in London then The London Wetlands Centre. All of these venues specialise in 

eco-friendly celebrations and can put you in touch with ethical wedding suppliers.  Don't you just love these gorgeous images, which make us want to run around a meadow hand in hand, with flowers in our flowing hair...! 


Folly Farm Centre 

Forever Green

London WetLand Centre

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