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If you want your first wedding dance to be special...

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These days, the first dance has become a special moment in most people's weddings. The trend started several years ago when an American couple uploaded their rather surprising and unique first dance which started with Unchained Melody and segued into a fantastically choreographed version of I Like Big Butts (much to the surprise of their guests and all who saw it because as we know this then went viral!). Since then many couples turn to professional choreographers to treat their family and friends to a bit of a show on their big day. If you're thinking of doing this you ideally need a venue with a sprung dance 

 floor. We've got lots of venues that offer this, but here's two of the best! Hackney Town Hall has a multitude of gorgeous Art Deco features and has its original sprung floor in the main Assembly Hall.  As you can see from our beautiful lead photo (by Tony who can be contacted at this couple, who only recently got married, are carrying on the trend - and it offers a great photo opportunity too! 

There's also Porchester Hall, which has the perfect dance floor made of sprung oak parquet!

If you are interested in either of these venues for your wedding, click on the links to their listing on the site:

Hackney Townhall

Porchester Hall


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