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Beautiful Wedding Venues on the Water

Water Side Wedding Venues

Here are seven very different  wedding venues on the water; a moat, a lake, a reservoir and a few on different parts of the Thames. All stunning, all extremely romantic...

The lead picture is of Birtsmorton Court in Malvern. A 12th Century medieval moated manor house.

West Reservoir
West Reservoir, Hackney
And this couldn't be more different could it? 
Osmaston Park, Derbyshire
The site where the old manor house used to stand has been restored, and the surrounding grassed terraces, ponds, stone steps and balustrades all combine to provide a spectacular and unusual setting for marquee events. We fully expect Darcy to climb out of that lake....
The next four venues are all on the River Thames but couldn't be more different. One in central London, one in Surrey, one in Buckinghamshire and one on the beautiful Oxfordshire stretch....
Bisham Abbey
Bisham Abbey in Buckinghamshire
Set amongst picturesque grounds on the banks of the River Thames, Bisham Abbey is Bisham Abbey is a stunning and majestic 13th Century Abbey, formally the home of Henry VIII.
Temple Island
Temple Island, Henley.
Temple Island is situated a mile and half downstream of the picturesque market town of Henley-on-Thames and marks the start of the famous Royal Regatta course  Built in 1771, the temple itself is a delightful folly and its interior is based on designs which had been discovered in Pompeii.
One Whitehall Place
One Whitehall Place
One Whitehall Place is the ultimate landmark location, boasting unbeatable views of the River Thames and the London Eye, this Grade 1 listed building offers wonderful services in a setting of unequalled grandeur, with no compromising on its architectural and decorative elegance.
And finally, The Petersham Hotel, in Richmond, Surrey
It overlooks one of the most beautiful and picturesque stretches of the River Thames and neighboring meadows; a truly unique and magical place to spend your very special day.
For further info please go to their listings:
The Petersham Hotel
One Whitehall Place
Birtsmorton Court
Osmaston Park
Bisham Abbey
Temple Island
West Reservoir Centre
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