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Weddings Abroad

Hints and Tips (as promised last week!)

Weddings Abroad
Ok so we've done the research for you! And here are our best hints and tips for planning your dream weddding abroad....
Think about the type of wedding that you want whether it's a beach, culture, city, countryside. And what type of weather you might want too!  Bear in mind who is coming to your wedding - your venue needs to be suitable for children and /or elderly guests!
Send out 'Save the Date' notes to your guests well in advance - particularly if you would like many of your friends and family to join you. Many of them may want to have a holiday around your wedding day, and will need the time to sort it out.
Use a professional wedding consultancy / planner. This really is the top tip - they will do all the hard work for you and make recommendations, saving you a great deal of time as they will know all the local suppliers and regulations. It really will help you to relax on your wedding day.
Make sure you are clear on the paperwork you will need (wedding planner will be good here too!) Without it you will not be able to get married abroad and/or your wedding will not be valid once you are back home. 
Book overseas wedding insurance!! Yes really!
Keep your guests up to date with your wedding day plans. Set up a wedding website and use it to give your guests information on you and on your wedding destination. You can also get feedback from them e.g. a list of their favourite songs solves the DJ playlist!
Brides, choose a suitable dress. Most wedding dress shops stock a range of destinatoin wedding dresses and can advise you on the most suitable fabrics for warmer destinations. Be sure to purchase a box to put the dress in so that it travels well.

Incorporate elements of the local culture into your wedding. For example a wedding in Greece could include a local bouzouki band (wedding planner again!)

Organise a wedding party on your return. This will be a chance for those guests who were unable to attend your wedding abroad to share your special day with you and a chance to relive those memories with those that were there with you.
If you do go for a Destination Wedding and want to share your experiences with us, or pass on any new tips then do email us here at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'd love to hear from you!


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