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Venues for Dancing

If you want your first wedding dance to be special...

First Dance - docuwedding

These days, the first dance has become a special moment in most people's weddings. The trend started several years ago when an American couple uploaded their rather surprising and unique first dance which started with Unchained Melody and segued into a fantastically choreographed version of I Like Big Butts (much to the surprise of their guests and all who saw it because as we know this then went viral!). Since then many couples turn to professional choreographers to treat their family and friends to a bit of a show on their big day. If you're thinking of doing this you ideally need a venue with a sprung dance 

New Wedding Trends

Classic makes a comeback...!

Connaught wedding venue staircase

One of the biggest wedding trends for 2013 is a move towards sophistication. For years we have seen vintage and bunting dominate the wedding scene, and whilst this is still a key look it's great to now have an alternative emerging. We are seeing full length gowns and black tie, and neutral colours of grey and taupe, with black accents. So to complete your theme you might be looking for a classic venue..? The Grand Connaught Rooms is exactly this - it is stylish, opulent, sophisticated and incredibly glamorous. The iconic Grand Hall is one of London's largest and most impressive places we have seen, to hold your wedding.  There are also many other incredible looking rooms including 

Luxury wedding venue

Inspired by Great Gatsby fever..!

Luxury wedding venue

Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of F Scott Fiztgerald's classic tale of love and ambition in 1920s Long Island hasn't even hit the big screen yet but already Great Gatsby fever is sweeping the nation.  In London's Soho and Shoreditch speakeasy-style bars are springing up faster than you can say 'mine's a gimlet'.  One of our lovely venues, Claridges, has now launched Charleston lessons for would-be flappers (and those of you wishing to 'flap' your way through your first wedding dance!!) in its elegant ballroom - go here for more info. And whilst you are there you could check 

Art Deco Inspired Venues

Beautifully restored Hackney Town Hall is a great example

Art Deco Inspired Venues

We know we keep going on about this 1920s trend but then again we keep coming up with beautiful venues that fit the theme perfectly! So once again you can pretend you are in a Scott Fitzgerald novel (The Beautiful and Damned perhaps - following in the footsteps of Kate Moss' 30th birthday theme??). Hackney Town Hall offers sumptuous grandeur in this sought-after Art Deco style, and features include a graceful curved staircase, imposing 1930s chandeliers, plus an original sprung dance floor!

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