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Dulwich Ukulele Band

Part 2 of last Saturday's cool and crazy evening

Dulwich Ukulele Band

Following our visit to Asylum last Saturday night (check out the previous blog) and after a swift visit to the opening night of 'Franks' (a pop-up bar on the top of Peckham's multi-storey car park... told you Peckham was the new Hoxton) we ended up at a friend's house for what we imagined to be a quiet evening.  How wrong we were!  Our lovely friends the Dulwich Ukulele Club had just come back from playing at an engagement party and, still in vibrant mood , set up outside on the street and proceeded to do an inpromptu one-hour set, much to the surrpise and delight of the crowds teaming out of 'Franks' and indeed waiting on Peckham Rye BR platform just across the road. We've told you

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