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Floral Traditions

wedding flowers

When it comes to your big day, it is natural that you will want every last detail to be perfect. One important aspect concerning the aesthetics of your wedding is the arrangement of flowers, both in the church and at the reception. The kind of flowers and arrangements you choose will depend upon your chosen colour scheme, the time of year in which you have decided to get married, your personal favourites and, of course, your budget. The range of floral options can be intimidating, but here’s a quick look at a few tools which could help to make the job an easier one.

If you don’t have a particular florist in mind already then you might like to consult a reliable florist directory to help you make a good decision. As the flowers are such an important aspect of weddings it is crucial to make the right choice at this stage. One good source of information is Interflora’s comprehensive website. It features a nationwide directory of florists dealing in UK flowers which could help you find the right person for your wedding. The website also provides a wealth of information about different plants, flowers and arrangements to set your imagination in motion whilst you’re choosing what you want on your special day.

Another great way to get ideas is to check out an online wedding magazine. Here you will find plenty of images of how other people have done things before you. Even if you don’t see anything that you particularly like, deciding from the start what you don’t like will still help to narrow your options down and allow your florist to get a clearer idea of your tastes.

Another option to consider is the artificial flower market. Silk flowers can be a striking choice for weddings, particularly in winter when there are less colourful varieties naturally available in the United Kingdom. Check websites who consider wedding when designing bouquets. Interflora offer both traditional and bunches of bridal flowers. Check their bouquets - from the traditional to the contemporary - their website has plenty of ideas to get you started, and there is the added help of floral experts, to advise and assemble with you.

Party like its 1999

We love these Wurlitzer Dome Top Bubbler Juke Boxes...

Party like its 1999

which can be hired out for your wedding party! As we all know, vintage is big in the wedding industry at the moment, and these jukeboxes not only look great but also play the music you want when you want!

The great thing about these is that you can get your guests involved in creating a playlist for the wedding party - they carry 30,000 original vinyl records ranging from the 1950s right up to modern day releases. So...

Saying Thank You

human touch

Organising a wedding takes a timely period of careful planning and preparation. There are usually infinite complications and difficulties, ranging from family feuds to a sudden change of financial capability, to venue cancellations…the possibilities are endless. However, when you have a solid team of helpers around you, whether it is your hired professional wedding planner, or perhaps a more generic wedding hotel coordinator, or even your enthusiastic mother in law, it is usually these people who are instrumental cogs in the wheel that is your wedding.

However much time you spend planning the perfect execution of the five course wedding dinner; the repertoire of the string quartet and the colour coordination of the bridesmaids with the floral arrangements, it is not any of these things, ultimately, that will make your day truly unforgettable.

Instead it is the more human, personal touches that will help you to remember it for hopefully many happy years to come. The speeches are one vital part of any successful wedding. Getting the perfect balance between the amusing and the affectionate, along with the occasional prerequisite tear jerking moment (particularly when it comes to the father of the bride) is certainly an art form. When it’s done well, though, the speeches can be the most touching part of the whole day.

It is usual, as well, for your close friends and family to provide a few pleasant surprises throughout the course of your wedding day, whether it comes in the form of a gift or some kind of special gesture.

The result is that once your wedding is over, you might find yourself with a lot of people to thank, and there are many ways in which you may choose to do so. Chocolates are always much appreciated, as are flowers or a good bottle of bubbly. However, if you really want to show someone your appreciation, you could go for a whole hamper, full of treats. For an added element of surprise, why not have it mail ordered before you go off on your honeymoon, so it will be delivered while you are away? Check out the internet for sites such as Interflora, who offer these sorts of delivery services. Start by having a look at their hampers, which are full of fruit, gourmet specialties and luxury treats to say an opulent thank you to those who played their part.

The Wedding Reporter

Ever thought about having a professional wedding guest...?

The Wedding Reporter

We recently came across Emma Woodhouse, aka the Wedding Reporter, and thought this was such a lovely idea.  Basically, Emma turns up with her notebook, soaks up the ambience and the details of the day, in order to go away and transcribe it all into a literary creative non-fiction account of your day.

She then provides you with a wedding report which gives you an extra layer of texture to the memories of the day. She will write about things that you could have forgotten in the chaos that can be a wedding day.

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