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Iconic Wedding Outfits

We absolutely love these...

Iconic Wedding Outfits

On the back of our last blog about the V&A's forthcoming exhibition on wedding dresses, it suddenly got us thinking about all the amazing iconic wedding outfits that we have seen celebrities wearing over the years. A few of our favourites include Dita Von Teese's amazing purple Vivenne Westwood creation, when she married Marilyn Manson. Made us think of Scarlett O'Hara.  Then there is Gwen Stefan's dress by John Galliano for Dior - we love the dip-dyed pink effect.  Then there is the famous Yves St Laurent smoking jacket worn by Bianca Jagger, or Audrey Hepburn's sweet tea-length dress designed by Balmain. All of them a sheer joy - click the link to see images of these beautiful brides! 

Venues for Dancing

If you want your first wedding dance to be special...

First Dance - docuwedding

These days, the first dance has become a special moment in most people's weddings. The trend started several years ago when an American couple uploaded their rather surprising and unique first dance which started with Unchained Melody and segued into a fantastically choreographed version of I Like Big Butts (much to the surprise of their guests and all who saw it because as we know this then went viral!). Since then many couples turn to professional choreographers to treat their family and friends to a bit of a show on their big day. If you're thinking of doing this you ideally need a venue with a sprung dance 

Wedding band

Listen to this lovely jazz trio!

Wedding band

Last weekend we went to a really cool wedding in South London - our dear friends Zeb and Cat (currently on honeymoon now!). Everything at their wedding was amazing but we were particularly blown away by jazz trio Ukairo3.  They sang a whole range of stuff made famous by the jazz greats - Dinah Washington, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday to name but a few - and covering songs by the likes of Cole Porter and Gershwin. Vocalist Anna has the most lovely, velvety voice, and 

The Reception After Party

Why stop partying?

After Wedding Party Location

This is the perfect solution to keeping all your guests happy, and something that is becoming more and more popular! We mentioned it in a previous blog and now want to expand on it as it is a trend that we're seeing definitely more of. The after reception party probably caters for about 30 - 40% of your guests and is more informal than the reception. So, rather than band or DJ, it's perfectly acceptable to play music on an iPod and the location can be a bar at the reception venue, a local pub or even a suite in a hotel. As long has the music plays and the bar is well stocked, it doesn't matter where you hold it! Pictured above is the bar at Babington House - a gorgeous venue for a wedding. (They also have fabulous suites too).

bar for after party at a wedding

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